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Natural gas is the energy source that most Ohioans use to heat their homes. Several separate and distinct industries produce, transport and distribute gas throughout Ohio. These segments are production companies, transmission companies, distribution companies and marketers.

The electric industry consists of three main components: generation, transmission and distribution. Senate Bill 3, passed by the Ohio General Assembly in 1999 allows Ohioans to choose the company that generate their electricity. This program is commonly referred to as electric choice.

Water is essential to every form of life. Since less that 1% of fresh water is potable, or readily available for human consumption, it must be treated or purified before it can be consumed. To accomplish this, utility systems have been established to provide safe, clean water to consumers.

The telecommunications industry is a system of switches and lines that interconnect to provide communication between multiple parties.Today, the telecommunications industry includes local telephone service, long distance telephone service, wireless telephone service, paging service,  Internet service, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and a wide array of other competitive products and services.

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